February 2015

Why Mr. Beer Kits Make Great Valentine’s Day Gifts

Let’s face it: guys tend to get the short end of the Valentine’s Day stick.  While girls can look forward to jewelry, candy, and a night out, what do you get your man for the holiday?  This year try surprising the beer-loving man in your life by getting him a Mr. Beer home brewing kit…. Read more »

How to Make Beer: Getting Started With Home Brewing

Like many Americans, you may have wondered how your favorite beverage comes to be.  Sure you’ve seen the big steel containers and fancy equipment used by big breweries in commercials and at their restaurants, but did you know that you can also brew beer at your own home? You may be surprised to learn how… Read more »

Craft Beer Fan? Learn How Easy It Is to Brew Your Own Beer

Over the past decade the popularity of craft beer has skyrocketed with nearly 8% of beer purchased in the United States coming from craft breweries.  First there were micro-breweries then nano-breweries and now it is possible to brew your own beer right at home. Brewing your own beer may sound like an overwhelming task, but… Read more »

Why Mr. Beer Brewing Kit is the Perfect Gift for Your Beer Lover

So you have a beer lover on your gift list. The logical question would seem to be “what beer should you get them?” What if instead of getting them another case of beer that they’ll finish in a few weeks you got them something they can use for years to come? They say if you… Read more »