Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Giving the Hobby of Home Brewing

Ties. Socks. Money clips. Father’s Day gifts are notoriously lacking. Instead of giving dad the same old golfing supplies this year, why not try introducing him to a new hobby: home brewing. For beer lovers, there’s nothing better than the ability to create their own brews right at home and getting started is not as… Read more »

Brewing Cinco de Mayo Cervezas at Home

Even though Cinco de Mayo is a relatively small holiday for our southern neighbors, the fifth of May has grown into a celebration of Mexican culture here in America. Part of that celebration includes indulging in some of Mexico’s signature sprits such as margaritas and, of course, beer. For home brewers the holiday is a… Read more »

Home Brewing For Saint Patrick’s Day with Mr. Beer

Not to be a buzz-kill, but the truth is that Saint Patrick’s Day has increasingly come to be known as amateur drinking night out at the bars. The great thing about being a home brewer is that you don’t need to deal with that scene. This year, why not brew some of your own beer… Read more »

Why Mr. Beer Kits Make Great Valentine’s Day Gifts

Let’s face it: guys tend to get the short end of the Valentine’s Day stick.  While girls can look forward to jewelry, candy, and a night out, what do you get your man for the holiday?  This year try surprising the beer-loving man in your life by getting him a Mr. Beer home brewing kit…. Read more »

How to Make Beer: Getting Started With Home Brewing

Like many Americans, you may have wondered how your favorite beverage comes to be.  Sure you’ve seen the big steel containers and fancy equipment used by big breweries in commercials and at their restaurants, but did you know that you can also brew beer at your own home? You may be surprised to learn how… Read more »